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Attraction List Help

Attraction List

Attraction List has information about all tourist attractions in the game. Tourist attractions act as both a destination and an origin for passengers and mail.
To open the attraction list window, click on the attraction list icon in the list management toolstrip.
Tip: If items in list are only partially visible, then re-size the attraction list window, or scroll the list using the slider bars.
Sorted by: has options to determine the order of tourist attractions shown.
Click on buttons to cycle through options (changes name of the option button):
- Name orders the list alphabetically by name.
- Passenger level orders the list by relative popularity of the attraction as a destination for passengers and mail.
- ascending / descending reverses the order of the list.
Click on an item listd in the attraction list window to see more information about that tourist attraction.
Tip: click on the picture of a tourist attraction in the more information window to move the main game window to that attraction.
Items listd for each tourist attraction include:
Status colour bar colours indicate the rating of the attraction:
- yellow:does not fall in the catchment area of any stop;
- green: has associated stop(s) for passengers;
- blue: has associated stop(s) for mail;
- turquoise: has associated stop(s) for both passengers and mail;
- orange: an associated stop is overcrowded;
- red: all associated stops are overcrowded;
Building-graphic indicates if it is a city attraction.
Name of the tourist attraction.
Passenger level in brackets is a value that indicates the relative popularity as a destination for passengers and mail.
Tip: For the provision of an optimum service, the whole tourist attraction must fall within the catchment area of one or more stops.