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Lists Help


Lists has options to open controls for information about the current status of the game (and also a control to adjust relative income recieved from the transport of different goods, passengers and mail).
Information is available in lists about: stops; convoys; urban areas; incomes received from different goods, passengers and mail; industries; tourist attractions; and markers.
Click on list-icon at top of the main game window to open Lists.
Hover the mouse cursor, after opening or clicking on toolbar, over list-a toolbar icon to see name.
click on the tool icon-option to open controls for information, from left to right, about:
Station list: Stops, where vehicles pick up and drop off goods and passengers (but not Stops just for water-transport-vehicles).
Vehicle list: road and rail vehicles, aircraft and boats.
City list: urban areas (villages, towns and cities).
Goods: incomes received from different goods, passengers and mail (includes control to adjust relative income).
Industry list: industry (consumers and suppliers of goods).
Attraction list: tourist attractions.
Marker list: markers.