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the destroy/remove tool Help

Removal Tool

Removal Tool is used to destroy and remove unwanted items and obstructions to construction on a single ?game-square in the main game window.
To Use: Click red-cross-icon (bulldozer-icon in pak128) at top of the main game window or press [a] to open Removal Tool (changes cursor to a red-cross-over-dust-cloud).
Position cursor in game view, a yellow outline indicates position on which Tool will operate (map coordinates are indicated in bottom-bar). Then click on item in the main game window to remove.
Cost incurred displayed in the main game window and appears as under Construction site. The cost of removal is equivalent to cost of construction for player items.
The cost of destroying city buildings is shown as its value in dialogue opened with Inspection Tool. ?The cost of destroying trees is 100 Hajo credits.
Removal Tool can be used to remove individual pedestrians and private citycars.
Order items are removed from a single ?game-square: pedestrian or private citycar, signals, stop or station-platform, electrification of way, bridge or tunnel, way (track first if on roadway).
Tip: To remove a player vehicle, sell vehicle from Convoy Details.
To remove Industry, Attractions and Town Hall switch to public service player first. Please Note: Use of Removal Tool on a Town Hall removes all city buildings from urban area.
Use [Ctrl] to use tool on upper level.
To the destroy/remove tool another players items select to play as other player first.
To remove segments of track or road use Remove Tracks (also found in Tram Tools) or Remove roads.