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Message Centre and Message Centre Options Help

Message Centre

The message centre is a listing of all dialoguess and messages (including messages on the ticker, at the bottom of the screen) from the game.
Click on the mailbox icon in the toolstrip at top of the main game window, or press [B] to open the message centre window. Clicking on individual messages will, in appropriate cases, move the main game window to the location associated with that message.
Click on the Options button to open the message centre options window. The message centre options window has settings about which messages are displayed, and how they are displayed.
The message centre options window has three columns of check boxes which select how messages are displayed.
The different columns give options as to how the messages are displayed. The leftmost column indicates that the messages are displayed on the ticker (scrolling at the bottom of the main window). The middle cloumn indicates that the messages are displayed in a transient dialogue box that disappears after a few seconds. The rightmost column indicates that the messages are displayed in a dialogue box that will remain on the screen until it is closed manually.
The rows give options as to the type of messages are displayed. From top to bottom, the options are:
New Year: indicates that new year has started.
AI News: indicates when an AI player has opened a new line.
City News: indicates when an urban area builds a larger town hall (commensurate with population growth).
No Route: indicates when one of your convoys can not find a route to the next destination in its schedule.
New Industries: indicates when new industry chains are built. New industries appear consequent on the growth of towns and cities.
Tourist: indicates when attractions or monuments are built.
New Vehicles: indicates when new vehicles become available, or existing vehicles become obsolete. This applies only if the timeline is enabled.
Station full: indicates when any stop is overcrowded.
Problems: shows messages about miscellaneous problems, including problems related to debt and finance.